Saturday, May 06, 2006

Cinco de Mayo

Yesterday was the 5th of May. A very famous day in Mexico and increasingly so in the United States.

Today is Saturday, and I'm off to Antwerp, Belgium where they are having one of the better mineral fairs in Europe.

Driving normally this is about 1 hr 20 minutes away.

With the hybrid Toyota Prius in highest economy mode (which means 55 mph on the freeway) where I get far better than 50 miles per gallon, it will take me about 2 hours to drive there.

May 5 is also the birthday of Karl Marx. He was born in Trier, Germany in 1818 and is buried in Highgate Cemetary London. Near to Bill Oddie's house.

Marx has a really fine, non-communistic, non-proletarian and highly ostentatious grave marker.